Support Networks

For any initiative, there are:

A. Promoters - People who are about it. They will find bugs and tell you about them privately. They will fix your tie so to speak.
B. Passives - People who could care less. Oh, look there’s that person doing that thing again, whatever.
C. Detractors - People that fight the cause. Dementors.

This categorization is earned by behavior over time. This is highly unlikely, but logically, your mom or best friend (s) could be detractors to your cause.

One can have a very lucrative business with a small number of promoters. e.g. weapons manufacturing. “Bad” example. One deal could keep you in business forever. Obviously, there are other costs to doing something like that and you have to have a very large deal size, to offset those tolls. If you can’t stomach it, you shouldn’t sell tanks. Easy enough. I won’t.

It is imperative to find every degree of the Promoter in your life:

  1. Loyalists - Friends, day 1s that this might be completely irrelevant to, but want to see you succeed. They will be there if you perish.
  2. Coworkers - Those who also make sacrifices and suffer for the cause.
  3. Decision Makers - People with purchasing power that become customers.
  4. Champions - Lead influencers that get you in front of decision makers.
  5. Influencers - Crowned princesses and princes of their time.
  6. Fans - High five bros, fans this is relevant to.

There are weights. If #1 defects, it can spiral you into giving up entirely. If #6 defects it will not change history. Every individual role of Promoter is critical, they will help you weather storms which manifest in many forms. They will quietly sing your praises to each other that result in “luck” later on.

It is unconventional to invite Detractors and Passives to your wedding. For startups, it makes sense to find and delight Promoters. For established companies that have figured it out, it makes sense to spend to minimize Detractors and Passives.

If I had to critique myself, I apply one notch too much attention to dissecting the logic of Bs and Cs, which is just their prerogative. I justify this spend as learning what not to do with the As.

If I had to critique myself, I am not wrong, I am human.


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