Must be nice

“Must be nice” is one of my favorite jokes. You’ve probably encountered something to this effect…after extreme positive change, people will subtly throw shade and say something defensive, instead of celebrating with you. It’s not always explicit.


  1. You: I met the love of my life. (I didn’t, I will though.)
  2. Them: “Must be nice, I have dated everyone on the apps but they all fucking suck.”
  3. You: I got that promotion I’ve been working towards for 10 years.
  4. Them: “Must be nice, my employer just won best employer. We have a half day on Presidents’ Day.”
  5. You: I’m raising a kid, and it’s mine”
  6. Them: “I’m fertile too you know.”
  7. You: “I got a dog”
  8. Them: “Are you paying someone to take care of it? Only poor dogs are happy.”

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