Intros Pt. 1

I’d like to put forth “Intros” by Alum, a company founded by NCSSM…graduates. Brevity is mandated by a form. Content is cajoled by a four-word prompt. You know when you toss a ball around at a summer camp? I’ve never felt that level of candor online. I’ve seeded examples from our peers and provided guidelines to help you bowl within the bumpers. Inside you’ll meet a review and approval process which ensures no bad vibes. Rest assured, this cocktail party can scale.

I see patterns in Dyson, Apple and the Sistine Chapel: opinionated, masterminded, perfectionism in opposition of reality. Suffering artists who play instruments to get funded by Kings who design games to discover them. I’m not suggesting this is the Sistine Chapel or that I am Michaelangelo, but he was a human and this is only the front door ;)

Len and I started in humble beginnings in Princeton and Fayetteville, far apart. We only met because crazy founders like us decided to dedicate their time to their ideals. Year after year, it started to sound less crazy. In 2019, you’d be crazy to say that NCSSM doesn’t exist!

Consequently, you can often find the two of us arguing in the middle of the night in favor of the same optimization: how to craft the best experience for you to find each other. I chose to recruit Len because Len is like a brother to me: I can trust him with “If I die because I was allowed to drive, he will make sure this still happens and that my family is taken care of.“

I have a touchpoint in days, not weeks with decision-makers at NCSSM. Our company is not supported by water cooler chat or likes or comments on this post. Have you tried to pay bills with likes recently? Saying we should link these cards to things in these cards or that this is a good idea are considerations and validations that were made over a lifetime. I’m at a stage where I know other people like you like this, I’m just doing it and need meaningful action.

Part of my gig is sending company progress to 3 C-level software founders that I am lucky to call “investors”, 2 of which I reported directly to in my last job for 2 years, to give you a vote of confidence. One of them invested within 20 minutes of our first conversation. These co-signatures should signal that I am in touch with reality. If you answer “What do you do? within 140 characters, you will show up in an ordered list of people that care about what we do next and we will never forget the order in which you helped us. The number of submissions will impact the glistening of authoritative eyes and the rate at which tasks transpire that magically advance more of this initiative.

Alum pays North Carolina and Federal taxes and has a wild CEO that is quite serious about replicating the NCSSM campus. He wants to do so just to inspire NCSSM talent to work somewhere and is aware that he doesn’t have any jobs available in the present. He understands that it’s ridiculous to call dibs on this fantasy just to spice things up, but that he also just did.

The name “Alum” is a quadruple entendre. Beginning in the 1400s, the Medici family bankrolled the invention of the Piano, created Double Entry Accounting and sponsored several Popes, Michaelangelo and Da Vinci – every trickle-down influence of influencers today. The Medici acquired their wealth through a monopoly on “Alum”. So Alum is chemistry, not just “Mula” in reverse. Lastly, our success should normalize a non-socially stratifying spin on alumni, nae, etc because we think that all this subtle gendering is ridiculous.

I am reminded every single day that we are standing on the shoulders of giants. I am a vessel to help produce an instrument that precedes what is created on it. The Medici’s lifted from the bottom and invented solutions that still raise people up to this day. I intend to spend every hour I can to do the same.

I use the layered meaning of “Alum” to filter conventional conversations, which always seem to assume they have everything figured out. A spicier question to ask a founder in your life is “What could this become?” If I were asked this, I would get to explain that this is a domino in a plan to play a Medici-like role over the next century. I would explain that these toys, albeit consequential and commercially valuable, will help us get on the radars of people who want the same things. That should explain that we are just people, who want to accelerate people meeting people.

To reiterate, we are not seeking validation, germination, pollination, seeding, pre-seeding, checks for Chia-pets or start-up meet-up invites.

We are seeking your help to
Reduce the barrier to contribution to NCSSM.
Challenge geo-centricity, whatever that might a parallel to in 2019
Raise a landmark, which directly impacts people who want to go to the country the landmark is in.

Metaphor 201 tells us that the NCSSM community is a piano. If your mind races to “Aynul thinks we are keys to play” instead of “Aynul thinks it’s insane to limit the compound interest of keys interacting with each other over time”, I will cry. History dictates that I have to play the piano to get in front of the King, to continue supporting the piano. I’m suggesting there are so, so many Kings in Metaphor 301, you guys.

Please allow 24 hours for us to handle the submissions and take a nap.

Be yourself. Assume the win. Everyone is excited to hear from you.


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