Cupcakes, At-A-Glance

Suppose 30 people from your senior class of 150 have late-stage Cancer. You don’t know who they are and it’s the Friday before a 4 day weekend, so campus is at 50% capacity. The great news: there are 30 rare, Cancer curing cupcakes, with more on the way. The onus is on you to route these appropriately.

People tell you to pretend like they aren’t there, to get back to your homework. You understand how critical it is because you went through treatment yourself, so you start running and screaming. You pick up 4 Cancer experts who just flat out believe you, they’ve done this before.

While you are running, many see the cupcakes and attempt to grab them, just in case! They see the exhaustion and crazy eyes, you are clearly onto something important. A story leaks, so some people kinda sorta know why you’re running around but don’t do anything. Others latch on for the quick hit of self-interest, they still have no idea what you’re going on about. Didn’t you just talk to them?

You don’t have time to explain…several people now think you are an asshole and scream, I bet they weren’t good anyway! While you were trying to shake these people, you’re learning more about who has Cancer and that they talk to each other. Everybody’s watching, but the commentary doesn’t affect who survives. The people with Cancer could have left, they could be getting into their guardian’s cars en route to the beach. Unexpectedly, but understandably, some that went through Cancer but don’t have it anymore just want to go home. They’re tired. How are they supposed to know what you’re saying is true?

  1. How would the average person go about routing these Cupcakes?
  2. How would this differ from the north star of an informed, ethical, capable Harry Potter and Hermione with Dumbledore behind them?
  3. How do these special Cupcakes compare to identify cupcakes and now, traditional Muffins, they look very similar?
  4. Are you bought into the prompt or still rejecting the premise entirely?
  5. Did you assume we all had smartphones? Why?

If you’re imaginative enough to get to #4, you’d love working in a start-up. If didn’t assume #5, you’re a future founder. If you’re exhausted, stay as far as you can from all of this until everyone is eating cake.


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