America Offline

In 10 years, we won’t constantly be referring to when we are on the line and off the line. Some of us already there. I don’t think we should call it ncssm online vs ncssm not online…ncssm over there vs ncssm not over there, over here, hello. I get why people might think we should…

Post academia, when you pay a talented engineer six figures to work from home, you don’t constantly refer to them as a remote employee vs a non remote employee. Are you remote right now? How about now? How about now? You do if you want to demoralize, divide and make that person quit or the non-remotes tense.

These vibes are not constructive to learning, but I think a vestigial status game for parents to pad burgeoning social capital portfolios, defeating the entire purpose of removing class rank and democratizing a utility in the first place.

If we’re going to stick to labels, we should think of ncssm “on the line” and ncssm “cool new farm town” as one might think of NYU Dubai, exotic globalization of a powerful core curriculum. Potentially, even more attractive to future universities, which might not be universities at all:

A Google hiring manager is not going to draw lines in the sand between ncssm durham and ncssm online, but parents might!

Shot’s fired!


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