Agent of Happiness

Like the founder of Cirque du Soleil, my prime directive is to make myself and others happy. I am an “Agent of Happiness” with a blatant disregard for convention. I have nodded off at conventions before and don’t plan to attend another one anytime soon.

I can seem entirely obtuse when “I didn’t know there was a major hurricane” because I don’t follow the news. I try to avoid conflict if I can. I’d rather not get all bent out of shape.

I also don’t check the weather. If it’s raining or cold, I get a coat. If it’s hot, I’ll zip off the coat. Have you ever felt completely useless when your phone died? I think it’s intoxicating to get lost in a new place. It’s like an empty box of chocolates I can fill with whatever I want.

I haven’t seen past season 2 of Game of Thrones. I am 30/m/nc and send blue texts. My friend Jake says that I like to re-invent myself but I just didn’t want to think about haircuts anymore. My mom calls long hair “doing fashion”, but what she doesn’t get is that you don’t do fashion. You are fashion. It pains me to say that I’ve stuck to an Americanized pronunciation of my first name, mostly for the SEO. My personal religion is reduction of cognitive load and self-experimentation.

I write in the way that Naval Ravikant says he reads: leaping from lily pad to lily pad, bits and pieces here and there, unafraid to get what I need out of it. Sometimes I’ll riff about 2005, rewind back to 1998 then zoom back to now, without skipping a beat. I’m okay with throwing you off the trail of figuring me out.

Wherever I have gone, I haven’t left my Airbnb much, outside of commutes and meals. After all, I’m building a software company, not an aquarium. If I were building an aquarium, I would leave the house more. I would be on the ocean floor, scouring for rare, attractive fish with my bare hands. In the meantime, I have enjoyed changing the wallpaper, getting meals in new places and hearing different background conversations.


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